Dries Van Noten, the Belgian fashion designer, is featured at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Since March the 1st till August 31st 2014, we’ll be able to see the first exhibition of his work.

Dries Van Noten let us discover his artistic universe, his creative process and his sources of inspiration. In a two-floor show we can see some of his collections, photographs, videos, film clips, musical references, artworks from different artists, everything that has influenced and has been reference in the life and career of the designer.

In the galleries, you can find works by Yves Klein, Francis Bacon, Elizabeth Peyton and more are shown alongside vintage fashions ranging from Christian Dior’s famous 1947 New Look, to a funky 1967 jacket that belonged to Jimi Hendrix, all this great designers are displayed alongside almost 200 looks of Van Noten.

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The exhibition is the result of Dries Van Noten’s close collaboration with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which has prompted him to use several 19th century textile patterns in his 2014 men’s and women’s Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collections that he unveiled in Paris in June and September 2013.

Almost during two years Pamela Golbin, general curator of Contemporary Fashion and Textiles at the Les Arts Décoratifs, has been working on the exhibit with Van Noten and his team. “From the beginning, what we really wanted to do what to take an emotional journey through fashion,” she said. “It might sound a little corny, but in the end it really was, for him, important to show it’s about the creative process.”

If you go to Paris don’t doubt to attend this amazing exhibition, I’m sure you’ll love all the references and inspiration of Dries Van Noten.