Yayoi Kusama creates a unique experience in Philip Johnson’s famous Glass House.

The iconic 20 hectare property in New Canaan, Connecticut, designed by architect Philip Johnson, and better known as The Glass House is presenting a new installation for the celebration of the 110th birth anniversary of the architect. “Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden” an installation by the famous artist and writer Yayoi Kusama.

Since May 1st 2016 until November 30th 2016, we can enjoy Narcissus Garden, which was first created 50 years ago for the 33rd Venice Biennale. Narcissus Garden comprises 1300 floating steel spheres each approximate 30 cm in diameter, placed in the pond. The spheres will move with the wind and follow the pond’s natural currents, forming a kinetic sculpture.

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In addition for September, Kusama brings “Dots Obsession – Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope” installation, it covers the window walls with different red sized dots and creates an “infinity room” in The Glass House. It is a limited time experience to see the world through Philip Johnson and Yayoi Kusama’s eyes. The special installation will run until September 26th.


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“My desire is to measure and to make order of the infinite, unbounded universe from my own position within it, with polka dots. – In exploring this, the single dot is my own life, and I am a single particle amongst billions. – I work with the principal themes of infinity, self-image, and compulsive repetition in objects and forms, such as the steel spheres of Narcissus Garden and the mirrored walls I have created.” said Kusama.

In the hillside meadow of The Glass House we will also find another installation of Kusama’s, the recently created enormous steel Pumpkin.


Organized by Irene Shum, Curator and Collections Manager at the Glass House.

Photos by: Matthew Placek